Genuine Prada Bags or a Fake Prada Bag: Which Is Which?

Published: 18th July 2008
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Prada bag, wallets, satchels, luggage, belts, sling bags, and purses to name a few are some of the fast growing trends in the fashion industry nowadays. Many companies make items with their own liberality and taste of fashion. Often we see a replica of a purse in some store. All trends that are available in the world are easily being copied. Along with the rise of trend setter purses, imitations of their sort also came into existence. Then we come to ask ourselves which is real and which is not?

Being a person that truly wants only the best quality of every fashion product in the market, certainly you do not want to settle on just imitations. You would simply want the real deal. But with imitations and genuine products battling it out, how do you know that what you got is real? You might have just bought a fake fashion product. A customer can subscribe to EuroHandbag that entails a vivid and bold presentation upon genuine and imitation Prada items.

Here are some tips in choosing an authentic Prada bag with a replica Prada bag:

• Look for the logo on the outside of the bag. Nearly most Prada bags have the authentic Prada logo is located at the back, on the side, or on the center front of the bag depending on the style. The logo is an inverted triangle. The letters and symbols are slightly raised. The color of the logo should be very close to the color of the leather.

• Find the metal plaque in the interior of the bag. It is attached to the lining of the bag, and should be firmly attached on all sides. Once again, the color of the plaque is very close to the color of the bag. The plaque lettering is in either gold or silver, and should match the logo and hardware of the bag.

• Study the hardware of the bag. Prada bags come with hardware that is silver, gold, or rose-colored. Also, every piece of hardware will have the Prada name clearly engraved on it.

• Examine the bag's lining. Prada bags will most probably be lined with the printed Prada name in the signature Prada fabric. The Prada fabric should have a very similar color with the bag's outer fabric.

• Expect certificate of authenticity. When buying an authentic Prada bag, it comes with a plastic card that lists information such as the name of model. A paper certificate also comes that has even more detail and a bar code.

Prada bags are one of the best selling trend-setter in the fashion industry. No wonder people would want to imitate it. But as customers, you have to be wise in choosing what is best and what is genuine. All of the products sold at EuroHandbag are all genuine and of a pure quality. They only sell the bags that are authentic and have the best and premium quality. A price list is available at the site so that customers can be posted on how one item costs. The price of authentic Prada bag available at EuroHandbag varies from the materials being used and the size of the bag. Also, EuroHandbag offers an online shopping which makes the shopping life of a customer easier. Do not settle on just plain imitations. Consider buying authentic Prada bags.

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